3 Ways a Nativity Play can help you make Connections (both in your church and in your community)

The first year that we used Born is the King at Church Hill Anglican, we were a bit nervous. We had never had kids playing such a big part in a Christmas service before. It felt risky to us, I guess because we were taking such a large part of the telling of Jesus’ arrival and giving it to the kids to own and tell.

In the end, it was a risk worth taking. We found that by entrusting the kids with telling the good news about Jesus, they rose to the occasion and told it well, and with joy. Sure, a line or a prop may have been forgotten, but what we gained was so much more. The kids in our church were able to take a central role in the sharing of the gospel with others, and in doing so; we were able to bring adults and kids from across our congregations together to take part in telling the good news about Jesus.

The second year we found it to be an even more enriching experience than the first year. We were all set to do something different for our family Christmas service, but the kids in our church wanted to use Born is the King again so that they could play different parts. Mary wanted to play an innkeeper, the angel wanted to play Mary, Joseph wanted to play Gabriel, and part of the flock of sheep were very keen to be shepherds. And, in the second year, we found that kids in our community who didn’t usually go to church were also eager to take part in the service and committed to coming to church to prepare for it.

These same connections have been made at other churches that have used Born is the King. Through the use of this resource churches have been able to:

  • enable kids in their church to take a central role in the sharing of the good news of Christmas – the meaning of Jesus’ coming, his dying, and his rising to life;
  • provide an enjoyable way for kids and adults in their church to work together to tell others about Jesus; and
  • encourage natural outreach into their community that engages kids who might not otherwise attend church.

It is my prayer that this resource would help other churches do the same.